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This Year's Winners


On Stage America had such an overwhelming success with its Caribbean cruise that it will again be offering studio directors an exciting opportunity to win a Seven day Caribbean cruise for two. The cruise will be awarded at each of the On Stage America regional dance competitions in the 2014-2015 season that have a minimum of 150 entries. All studio directors who meet the criteria are eligible to win.

The prize will be awarded based on a point system as follows:

  • 15 points awarded for entries submitted by deadline date with full payment (minimum of $2500.00) included
  • 1 point awarded for every $1000.00 in entry fees above the $2500.00 minimum
  • 1 point awarded for each solo or duo/trio
  • 3 points awarded for small groups
  • 5 points awarded for large groups
  • 7 points awarded for production numbers
  • 1 point deducted for each change made the week of the competition

In case of a tie, the winner will be the studio with the highest average score for its dances.

The cruise is not transferable. Any changes made are at the discretion of "On Stage" America.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2013-2014 WINNERS! They will be sailing this January to the beautiful Carribbean!